What will the future look like? This is a question that has sparked my interest ever since I was young; watching sci-fi movies with cool gadgets and technology. But when I stop and realize that I am living in the future, in a world where we share our lives and communicate globally in a matter of seconds, it is clear that the purposes and goals that we, as humans, have created for ourselves, are subject to a drastic change. In this blog, I will review sci-fi movies that are set in the future and assess the way that humanity has redefined itself socially, economically, etc. I am interested in access in political systems that are in place and the nature of human to human interaction. I will be investigating the perception a filmmaker, scientist, journalist, etc. has about the future. Through movies, I can analyze the perceptions that exist and have existed within the last century, of the future. I’ll look at films, Youtube videos, newspaper articles or blog posts that I think provide the audience with some kind of prediction or vision into what the future may be like or look like. This blog is therefore, a collection of reviews and in-depth analyses of various different sci-fi movies, that are set in the future, as well as my personal commentaries on other futuristic propaganda, advertisements, youtube videos, TV shows, and cartoons, newspaper articles,  blog posts, and so on. I look forward to sharing with you!


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