Apparently, according to this article Lady Gaga’s Japanese record label decided “to have life-size GAGADOLLS created that will play tracks from the Grammy winner’s latest album, Artpop” when the listener puts his (or her) ear to the doll’s chest. (This article then goes on to make a joke—I hope—saying “we can only imagine what the outfits and accessories would be like! Meat dress, anyone?” As if one meat dress on the real Lady Gaga wasn’t enough…)

According to this article: Lady Gaga said, “I respect your art . . . and the detail you put into the dolls.” A company in Tokyo called Orient Industry creates these dolls; they specialize in “synthetic love dolls.” As many other sources on the internet have being saying, it looks like we are out with the Barbie dolls and in with the GAGADOLLS. Is this going to create a new stereotype and standard that young girls will want to live up to? The sociological implications here are beyond our imaginations.

I am writing about this doll because of the kind of technology that exists in the world (more precisely, in Japan, where the market for these dolls seems to be), to create such a high level of precision in replicating Stefani Germanotta’s body. I wonder what kind of implications it has, especially for the mainly Hikikomori male market for these dolls. Will a life-size doll like this create a new market if such an adored pop-singer, celebrity is putting her name on it? This is seems to be as close as a mainstream market in a developed world has gotten to clones, though admittedly, the dolls are not on the market just yet.


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