SAMSUNG’s Galaxy Gear

I recently saw this commercial on TV at my friend’s house. It looks like Samsung has caught on to our obsession with the future. This commercial reminds the viewer of all the perceptions we have had for the future growing up, watching the Jetsons and Power Rangers as well as other classics. It seems like movies that are set in the future often imagine or picture it vividly.

The only other technological “gear” that is futuristic and on the market now would be the google glasses. From my own experience (a.k.a. reading Youtube comments and hearing what my friends who watch it say of the commercial and the watch/cellphone) the future (ha! get it?!) isn’t looking too bright for Samsung’s manufactured classic gadget. Most of my friends said that it was “dumb” and “unnecessary” in reality. I also haven’t personally seen the trend catching on among people.

It seems almost as though our conception of everyone having a “timeless” watch like this however, is one that may live forever in the future. It is hard to see ourselves really needing a watch like that for some reason, while it made pragmatic sense in our imaginations of a life in the future.


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